20 November
By Chris Gumbley
Categories: Personal/HMRC/Industry News/Taxation

30,000 self-assessment tax returns may be at risk of HMRC errors

HMRC have confirmed that errors in their software systems may have put over 30,000 self-assessment tax returns for 2016-17 at risk of having been submitted to them incorrectly.

Where HMRC identify in advance such software errors, they advise taxpayers to file a paper return, rather than submitting it electronically.

However, HMRC have recently confirmed that they have identified certain errors in their software which have only just come to light in respect of the 2016/17 tax year – and the tax liability of individuals affected may be at risk of being incorrect.

What happens if I’m affected?

If you are an affected taxpayer, you should receive a new SA302 (a Tax Calculation) from HMRC by the end of November 2018. HMRC have confirmed that they will not be sending a copy of this new calculation to your agent. If Naylor Wintersgill usually deal with your tax affairs, it is important that you do send any communication from HMRC to our team as we will not always receive a copy.

If you have already received correspondence from HMRC in this respect or if you have any doubts as to whether you are affected, please contact our tax experts to discuss your individual circumstances and get help with what you need to do next.