05 July
By Claire Featherstone
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Fitness to work note changes from 1 July 2022

GP’s are no longer the only healthcare professionals able to provide employees with a fitness to work note. From 1st July 2022, fit notes can now be certified and issued by nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists, in addition to doctors.

Fitness to work notes provide evidence to employers about a person’s absence and any relevant advice on how to support the employee to remain or return to work. Up until now, only doctors have been able to provide these notes. However, with services stretched and some employees finding it challenging to gain access to fit notes from their GP, from 1st July 2022 healthcare professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists are also able to provide them. 

Updated guidance means that individuals will no longer be sent to a doctor to have a fit note signed when seeing or receiving treatment from an alternative professional for their health condition.  This change is in a bid to make it easier for employees and employers to be able to get the advice they need to appropriately support people to remain at work while managing a health condition.

An employee is still able to self-certify an absence from work for the first the seven days of illness.  Thereafter the requirement for a fitness to work note is triggered. The above only provides a summary of what we know as at 4th July and may be subject to change. You can visit the Government website here for guidance on using fit notes for employers and line managers.

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