Management Information & Book-keeping

Here at Naylor Wintersgill, we recognise that in order to grow and succeed in the current fast paced business climate, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re in control of your finances.

Our fully bespoke book-keeping service can leave you free to focus on your business goals. This flexible package can range from capturing initial data to VAT Return preparation through to full management information.

With this in mind, our hands-on team can tailor support to your individual requirements, giving you confidence in the performance of your business together with the assurance of your stakeholder’s needs.

As part of our management information package we can incorporate regular meetings with you to discuss your results, offering pro-active advice to make sure you’re staying on track. Our experienced management information team are familiar with working to tight deadlines whilst creating bespoke information packs that give you all the knowledge you need, when you need it.

We can also help use your regular management information to establish key performance indicators (KPI’s). With KPI’s in place you’ll be able to monitor how you’re actually doing against your business plan, which will allow you to make changes as you progress and stay on track towards sustainable growth.

To help you stay in control, we can also offer the following services:


We believe every business should have a budget for each financial year it enters so that you, as business owners, are able to challenge and measure yourself against it and make informed financial decisions. Our team have a wealth of experience in assisting our clients with the creation of budgets to help your business stay on track.

Cash flows/Financial projections

Cash is the bloodline of any business. Our team can produce a cash flow projection that can help you to manage peaks and troughs in your cash balance effectively. Having cash flow projections in place will also help you in obtaining external funding and assist other independent advisors you may be working with.

Having put budgets and cash flows in place, here at Naylor Wintersgill we recognise the importance of strategic planning and reviews on a regular basis. We can advise on a future strategy that would ensure your business stays on track and meets your financial objectives for the year and beyond.

Performance Dashboards

Our expert team can create fully customisable performance dashboards for your business. This valuable tool can provide you with understandable usable key metric data and a real-time visual snapshot into how your business is performing.

As your trusted advisor, we can work with you to respond pro-actively to financial changes in your business. It’s not just about the numbers – we can tailor your dashboard to include non-financial information too, so you’ll always have access to the bigger picture.